1. Comprehensive Eye Exam

Prior to starting a vision therapy program, we require all of our patients to have a comprehensive eye exam. This allows one of our doctors to evaluate overall eye health in addition to visual function to ensure we have a good baseline evaluation and diagnosis.

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2. Sensorimotor Exam (baseline vision therapy testing)

Following a comprehensive exam, the doctor will refer you to our vision therapist for further evaluation. This baseline testing will give us a starting point so we can have a valid reference point and accurately track progress throughout the program. We have two levels of testing:

  • Level 1: Visual Skills Evaluation – this testing takes about 1 hour and includes an assessment of basic visual skills such as eye focusing and eye teaming in addition to an evaluation of primitive reflexes.
  • Level 2: Visual Skills + Visual Perception Evaluation – this testing takes about 2.5-3 hours and is usually scheduled in two separate appointments. This testing includes all of the same testing from the level 1 evaluation in addition to a perceptual battery of testing to evaluate visual perception skills such as visual memory and spatial awareness.

 The doctor will refer for a specific level of testing based on their findings at your comprehensive exam.


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